I have a bright, professional studio, bathed in natural lighting and visual art to complement and inspire our music-making! My primary teaching piano is a Yamaha Grand piano, and there are 3 other digital pianos for the MYC classes.

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For MYC classes, we take turns at each piano every week so that everyone gets a chance to play ‘the big piano’! The digitals are full-sized keyboards, with weighted keys and pedals. I do not use, or advocate, keyboards (more on that topic under Your Piano) as keyboards encourage poor hand position and lack of tonal production and control. Just as you should ask any teacher what their qualifications are, also ask what equipment they have!! It is essential that your child experiences lessons on an acoustic piano (a piano with strings, either upright or grand). Your teacher must be able to assess your child’s ability to produce good tone… piano lessons are not just about playing music, but about developing musicality.

I also have a wide variety of rhythm instruments, and some unusual ones from travels, giant floor keyboards and floor staffs, lots of puppets and other manipulatives, music theory games, and lots of supplemental music books to add interest. Throughout the year, I will provide appropriate handouts for students to help them learn and reinforce various concepts.

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Barbara\’s Piano Studio
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My studio is located in my home at 1502 North Hill Drive, Swift Current.