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Royal Conservatory of Music

Music for Young Children and my teacher page is

Piano tuner
Ben Frostad (Regina) – awesome tuner!!

Saskatchewan Music Festival Association

Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers Association

Creative Kids
Agency which provides financial assistance to families for children to participate in art/culture based activities

Digital Piano reviews
This site is in the US, but he has fantastic reviews of virtually every digital piano out there. Read before you buy!

Music Games and other music sites

Soooo many to list! Here are a few… if you find something cool, let me know and I’ll include it.


Here is my favourite!! I really believe that if kids see that what they are studying is not ancient history, they will embrace it more fully. They will envision it, model it, aspire to it!!

Jan Lisiecki – child piano performance prodigy, born in Calgary, now about 19 years old. He is considered to be a world-class Mozart performer.

5 Guys and a Piano – they have lots of YouTube videos, so subscribe to their feed.
Click here to try these ones.

Jeffery Straker – Saskatchewan musician, classically trained with RCM, but now has a fantastic career in indie-folk-pop.

Diana Krall – also an RCM alumni… never too early to start listening to jazz! Jazz is probably the most complex contemporary music style,with rich rhythms and harmonies. Really gets your brain going!

Vladimir Horowitz and Van Cliburn – probably 2 of the most articulate and sensitive pianists of the last century. Every serious student of classical music should listen to their recordings. Horowitz has unmatched timing and tone, while Cliburn’s tone production is distinctly different – much more delicate and haunting.

Glen Gould – Still considered to be one of the world’s foremost and definitive performers of JS Bach. Plus he’s Canadian, and decidedly quirky!

Angela Hewitt – Canadian, and an MYC Grad, and also considered to be a foremost Bach performer (although, I am more partial to Gould’s interpretation and tone)

Lang Lang – very dramatic, but unmistakably a great pianist.

Benjamin Grosvenor – amazing young concert pianist, and subject of a BBC documentary called “Becoming a Concert Pianist” on YouTube. Worth watching.

Keith Jarrett – amazing Jazz pianist. Also has some lovely lyrical, introspective pieces.

Elton John – you can’t beat his earlier performances for showmanship and stage presence!! Glasses, hand stand on the keyboard! Piano is cool!! Plus, he is a prolific composer – his body of work is phenomenal. YouTube some of his Muppet show appearances! But he also started by studying classical (Mozart and Chopin in particular).

Victor Borge – he is hilarious!! Kids love it!! Brilliant pianist, but his stage routine makes classical music accessible for all ages.