I encourage artistry and musicality in my students. I want them to “feel” the soul of each piece, and to create rich and colourful imagery when they play. It is much more than learning the notes… they will feel joy and pride in their accomplishments!

For Children

Children can start private piano lessons at six or seven years old, depending on the individual child. The advantage of studying piano in private lessons is that each student will receive an individualized learning plan, and we adjust the material based on your rate of progress and interests.

For children, I choose a method book appropriate for each individual child and my students have enjoyed the success of steady progress. They learn good hand position and tone production, and an accompanying theory book reinforces the concepts at the piano with off-keyboard activities.

I believe if your child has fun in the lesson and enjoys their time with me, then they will also enjoy practice time at home! They are excited to show me their progress, and I am delighted they share that with me!!

For Adults

It is never too late to learn how to play piano!! I have several adult students who are learning the joy of playing piano. I use a method book which introduces classical repertoire in an easy and understandable manner, and the accompanying theory supports the keyboard concepts. It is especially rewarding for adults to learn, as many either started lessons when they were children, or always wanted to learn.

Whether you want to learn to play for friends and family, or just enjoy the quiet solitude of your own musical journey, you will find rewards in learning to play!


Fall 2018– Lessons are offered between 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  I currently have a wait-list for private lessons for after-school hours. Please contact me so we can discuss a mutually available time.

Fall 2019&2020 – I am taking names now for the wait list for lessons in future years. Please be advised: the wait-list for after-school lesson times is typically 2-3 years, and students are encouraged to start lessons in day-time spots (e.g. noon hour or 3:00) in order to be offered an after-school spot if any become available in the future.


Structure of Private Lessons:

I offer an exam-stream studio to prepare students for exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM).

  • Beginners are 30 minutes weekly
  • RCM Prep A and B students – 30 minutes weekly
  • RCM Level 1 and 2 students – 45 minutes weekly
  • RCM Level 3 to 6 students – 60 minutes weekly
  • RCM Level 7 and higher students – 60 minutes weekly AND a 30 minute theory lesson.

Fees are published one month prior to the beginning of each teaching year in September, and may be subject to change annually.

Financial assistance may be available to qualifying families through Creative Kids.