“But, we are so busy… we can’t find the time to practice…”

All of us (parents, teachers, kids) overuse, and misuse, the word “busy”. We are as busy as we choose to be, so we might as well quit using that as an excuse. If you are supposed to do something, then do it (and that includes practicing!!). We all have the same 24 hours in the day! Prioritize!!

Make a schedule, and schedule practice… every day… just like any other commitment. Be consistent. But be flexible too.

Some weeks require you to reschedule so practicing doesn’t become the monster in the room.

So this is really about establishing a habit. Experts say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. We have good habits (eating better, exercise, practicing!) and we have bad habits (and you know what those are!), and they all happen in 21 days. Just 21 days to literally change your life!

This means that, by Thanksgiving, your practice habits with your child will predict how well your child will progress for the rest of the year. Notice I didn’t say “your child’s practice habits”! You must do this with them.

For MYC students see these sample practice plans.

Any time you need help, or have questions, or need encouragement… Call me!! I want to be your child’s musical partner for many years to come.♦