Here is a suggested practice plan for beginner MYC students:



Optional Homework routine – you can do all the Homework pages at one sitting if your child wants.  If you do this, I would not recommend to leaving it until the last day of the week.  The homework supports the concepts introduced, and is our first introduction to written music theory.  If you are doing all homework at once, do it at the beginning of the week (ideally, when you get home from our lesson!)

That is 8 minutes!!  EASY!  You do not need to do all the Listening, Singing, Rhythm Ensembles every day.  Pick one or two different ones each day so you get through them all by the end of the week.  Some will become favourites, so do those as often as you like.

For private students, follow a similar routine:  scales for warm-ups, play each assigned piece at least 3 times (please read the notes I make in your dictation book!), assigned theory pages, and any ear training/sight reading as required.  Parents must be involved with practicing!!  Just as with homework from school, your participation will improve your child’s progress.  You are important!!

Practice Smart!  Analyze the pieces using the Musical Detective worksheet I will give your child.  This will save time and will establish good practice strategies right from the beginning.   Make sure your piano is not in the same room as the TV or other busy areas of the home.

Any time you need help, or have questions, or need encouragement… Call me!!  I want to be your child’s musical partner for many years to come.