I am a Certified Teacher with RCM and I can help prepare your child for examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music. RCM is an internationally recognized and accredited music conservatory which offers formalized classical music training in all disciplines. Founded in 1886, it is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world.

RCM offers exams in two areas: practical and theoretical. Practical exams are playing exams – students are assessed on repertoire, technique, ear training, and sight-reading. Theoretical exams are written exams based on music rudiments, advanced theory and music history.

The advantages of doing exams are:

For students:

• Motivation to achieve the goal
• Commitment to practice
• Secondary school credits
• Post-secondary eligibility and improved competitiveness even in non-music fields
• Certificates and awards
• Pride of accomplishment

For Parents:

• Balanced course of study
• High standard of evaluation
• Internationally recognized certificates and diplomas
• Meaningful goals for their children
• Development of self-discipline

Examinations are held several times a year, and are conducted by highly-qualified professional performers and teachers. Your child will receive individualized comments and grades which are designed to encourage and promote continued musical growth. Students are generally ready to start the exam program after approximately 3 years of private study or in Moonbeams Three in the MYC program.

For more information about the Royal Conservatory, you can either ask me (I am the RCM Representative for Swift Current), or visit their web site at www.rcmusic.ca


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